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Our birds are raised naturally on pasture where they get fresh air and new grass everyday. We allow our chickens to live a happy healthy life the way nature intended.

Pastured Eggs

Our layers are free range. Their door is opened at dawn and closed at dark. They eat bugs, worms and anything else...

Chicken Breast

Our chicken breast boneless skinless. Our breast are about a pound so they are perfect for a quicker meal while still...

Whole Chicken

Whole chicken is the answer for a crockpot meal. You can put the frozen chicken in the crock pot in the morning and...

Half Chicken

Half chicken is great for a family dinner. It can be roasted or grilled. The flavor and of our pastured chicken is...

Chicken Leg and Thigh Quarters

Our leg and thigh quarters are delicious on the grill with your favorite barbeque sauce.

Chicken Wings

Perfect for the grill! Chicken wings are split into flats and drums and packaged in about 1 pound each.

Chicken Stock pack

Stock packs chicken back bones and wing tips. The packs are used to to make bone broth( chicken stock).

Chicken Gizzards

Looking for organ meats? Try our chicken gizzards! Organ meats are highly nutritious!

Chicken Hearts

Looking for organ meats? Try our chicken hearts! We've also got gizzards and livers! Organ meats are highly...

Chicken Liver

Looking for organ meats? Try our chicken livers! We also have chicken hearts and gizzards! Organ meats are highly...

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